VIDEO: Bugatti Veyron at the 2007 Prescott Hill Climb

The Bugatti Veyron is the Alpha dog in the supercar arena, with its absurd W16 engine equipped with four turbos combining to create 1,000hp for tossing around the 4,100lb beast at will. There aren't many vehicles, at any price, that can go from zero to 100 back to zero again in under 10 seconds, so every time one of the 300 Veyrons is captured on video, it's worth posting.

After the jump is a couple minutes of the venerable Veyron tackling the twists and turns at the 2007 Prescott Hill Climb back in May. Watch how the $1.4 million mega-supercar hits the pavement just a few feet from hundreds of onlookers, with some high-end rubber and AWD keeping the blown W16's prodigious power under control. For some reason, whoever put together this flick felt the need to loop the video about 1:25 in, but it's worth seeing twice anyway. Enjoy!.

[Source: YouTube]

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