Madrid testing new hybrid trash trucks

FCC, the company that manages the trash collection in Madrid, has announced the purchase of 14 trucks equipped with hybrid powertrains. These trucks, with a narrower track, will be used in the old parts of the city. FCC has partnered with Saft batteries in order to create the powertrain, in a contracted investment of 1.5 million euros.
The models have been well-received by neighbors because of the low noise levels of operation. The vehicles aren't only good for this but they also achieve an efficiency of 90 percent when combined with the diesel engine (the press release doesn't tell how this was calculated). The lifespan of the powertrain is calculated at 10 years.

Saft Batteries not only powers these specific trucks, but has created a joint-venture with Johnson Control, called JCS which is a supplier for a big (unspecified) car producer. They have built a battery manufacturing facility in Nersac (France) to supply the European market and another plant in China. Saft also supplies the batteries for the new generation of Spanish commuter trains (Civia).

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