My dad can beat up your IRL driver

Scott Dixon won the Camping World Watkins Glen Grand Prix this past weekend. Who cares? There was another altercation in the pits following the one between Danica Patrick and Dan Wheldon after the Milwaukee race in early June. This weekend's tangle, however, had a twist. In one corner we have Andretti Green Racing driver Tony Kanaan, the Vin Diesel of IRL we like to say. In the other corner we have... Sam Hornish Jr.'s dad, Sam Hornish Sr. Whaa?

Here's the run up. Early in the race Hornish Jr. and Kanaan made contact in a corner. Hornish got the edge there, which prompted Kanaan to attempt pushing him into the wall going into the pits after the race. With cars parked, Hornish Jr. approached Kanaan before the Brazilian had even gotten out of his car. Clearly words were said, but both drivers still had their helmets on. Hornish Jr. backs off, but after exiting his car Kanaan follows. Before you know it, Hornish SENIOR, who had begun restraining his son, turns around and plants a nice two-handed shove on Kanaan. Kanaan is literally stunned and stands there with what must be the look to end all looks hidden under his helmet.

Had Kanann and Hornish Jr. been left to work it out with words, most agree it would have gone no further, but the shove invited a whole mess of bystanders to enter the ensuing fray, which somehow resulted in Hornish Sr. hitting the ground.

Kanaan was quoted after the race saying, "That's why dads should be in the grandstands, not in the pits." BURN! Seriously, after watching the video, we had to wonder what the hell this guy in a short-sleeve button-down shirt from Sears was doing amongst the crowd of racing professionals.

The video is embedded after the jump, and a great write up of the action with quotes from each driver can be found by clicking the Read link.

[Source: Indy Car and ESPN]

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