Over the past several years and this year in particular, automakers have been making a major push into electrifying cars. That includes developing parallel and series hybrid drive trains but it also refers to converting accessories from mechanical, belt-driven systems to electrically-driven equivalents.

Drivers aren't the only ones now trying to find a way to save on their fuel bills with rising oil prices, airlines have been hit particularly hard. When Boeing decided to design a new mid-sized wide-body jet, their biggest priority was reducing operating expenses for airlines. Thus the new Boeing 787 that is being rolled out for the first time this weekend is switching many of its internal systems from being pneumatically driven by excess air pressure from the engines to electricity.

Each of the two engines will drive a 0.5MW generator to provide power to the plane which is also significantly lighter than similar-sized aircraft thanks to an all-composite fuselage and wings. The 787 is expected to be up to twenty percent more fuel efficient than comparable aircraft. Boeing has been releasing a series of videos discussing the technical aspects of the new plane and the latest talks about electrifying the power systems and you can check it out after the jump.

[Source: Boeing]

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