11-year-old charged with DUI

Last week in Orange Beach, Ala., a police officer spotted a speeding Monte Carlo, threw on the blue lights and started an 8-mile, 100-mph chase that ended with the Monte upside down.
With his gun drawn, the officer says he approached the car to find an 11-year-old girl behind the wheel. Sorry, an allegedly drunk, slightly injured 11-year-old girl behind the wheel.

Orange Beach assistant police chief Greg Duck wouldn't say what the girl's blood alcohol level was, but did say it was higher than the legal limit for adults, .08 grams per milliliter, and much higher than what state law allows for anyone under 21, which is .02 gpm.

We're baffled. First, that an 11-year-old can see above the steering wheel, much less reportedly pilot a Monte Carlo at 100 mph. Second that she is accused of being drunk while doing it. And third, that Alabama has a blood alcohol limit for minors.

Wow. Just wow.

[Source: Press-Register]

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