Could Scion ignite the compact pickup class again?

I can't believe that I missed this story, but somehow the fact that Scion might be considering a foray into the compact pickup segment was lost on me. Sometimes I'm just stuck in la-la (horrible!) land I guess. Anyway, check out the rendering that I found at for the possible truck. A while back, Autoblog ran a story lamenting that the Ford Ranger seems to just be left to die on it's own, leaving a gaping hole in its wake. The hole exists because, like most other auto-segments in America, the "compact" pickups have all outgrown the "compact" class and are now called "midsize" trucks. Our earlier post about fuel efficient pickups reminded me that since Dodge created the midsize class with the Dakota, the S10 was replaced by the Colorado; the El Camino and Ranchero are long-gone; the Rabbit pickup is history... and the list goes on. So, will Scion pick up the slack?

I suppose the the Subaru Baja could slot into this class, but it too is a four-door design and has limited capabilities. Something tells me that the Scion proposal probably doesn't include hauling and towing duties among its design priorities either. Which would be a shame, I think, because there are still buyers out there for the Ranger, old design and all.


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