Bristol break-in stops the presses

Bristol, a little known British builder of expensive luxury and sports cars, opened up its shop this past Monday in Patchway, England to find a rude surprise. Thieves had broken into the factory over the weekend and, instead of stealing cars, ripped off the company's presses that stamp out body panels for its pricey lineup. Ten presses in all were boosted that make body panels for the Blenheim range of coupes. Fortunately, since Bristol only manages to produce about 2 or 3 cars a week, its current inventory of roof, wing and door panels will last for a while, but presses are hard to come by and eventually the company will slow down its snail-pace production to a halt when supplies run out.

The robbers apparently used huge cranes to steal the presses, as well as drove in and out of the complex multiple times to complete the job. No one noticed a thing and they've gotten away scott free for now, but ten presses won't be easy to sell on the black market. Chances are they'll be cut up and sent to China or India to be sold as scrap metal. We can't imagine the criminals will actually start producing Bristols of their own because, quite frankly, they're a bit ugly with a face that only a wealthy Brit could love.

Thanks for the tip, Dylan!


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