Rising pump prices getting you down? Spare a thought for some of our global neighbors faced with gas prices that are more than double what the average Joe is paying in downtown New York. Americans are quick to complain when gas prices hover around the $3 per gallon mark for too long, but look at what motorists are paying over in Europe. Most of the developed countries there are lucky to see prices below $6 per gallon. Londoners seems to have to pay more for fuel than residents of any other city, with average prices there amounting to $6.52 per gallon.

Of course, you can argue that some countries charge higher taxes on fuel but less elsewhere, or that some countries' fuel prices are more heavily affected by political issues than others, but at the end of the day some nations enjoy much cheaper fuel than others.

If you don't like it you could always move to Caracas, Venezuela, where locals enjoy the cheapest fuel prices in the world with an average of just 17 cents per gallon.

[Source: Gadling]

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