Ethanol from olive trees

Nope, we don't mean making biodiesel from olive oil - which is technically feasible but due to the prices of the so-called "green gold", it would be an aberration. This is about making ethanol with the remains of the trees once the olives have been collected. To ensure productivity, olive trees must be pruned regularly. This generates a tremendous amount of waste which is currently burnt and wasted.

Cristóbal Cara, from the Universidad de Jaén (Spain's largest olive oil producing province) presented a method to recycle all this biomass into ethanol. And the project sounds promising, since Spain was planning to import materials to produce ethanol to accomplish with the 5.75 percent of biofuel blending into regular fuels. Currently, most of the biomass that is generated as a byproduct of agriculture is burnt with no side benefits. In some regions, there are plants that use the discarded biomass to produce electricity but this might allow the use of agricultural waste to be used in the production of ethanol.

[Source: via Econoticias]

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