V-8s turn up in the oddest places

What's more American than putting V8s where they don't belong? As we head toward the Independence Day holiday, let's take a few minutes to partake in that other great American repast, wasting time on YouTube. TechEBlog has gone on a surf-fest and they've dug up some interesting adaptations of one our favorite powerplants. A Hemi-powered barbeque certainly has merit, now that the summer grilling season is upon us; them's some fast burgers! Our favorite is the paper V8 with internals that actually move. Once they figure out how to get it to hold a combustion event, it'll be the ultimate lightweight block. Forestry will move at a faster pace now that there's a V8 powered chainsaw to make quick work of that pesky old growth forest. The list is altogether too short; we want to see more V8s where you'd least expect them.

[Source: TechEBlog]

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