Behind the wheel of the Caparo T1

Although we've covered the entire gestation of the Caparo T1, we've yet to drive it. No surprise, as we'll be the first to admit that it outclasses us in every conceivable way. On the other hand, Nick Hall, the supercar scribe from across the pond, is one of the few motoring journos that actually has had seat time in the clichéd "Formula One car for the road." And although he hates that description, if the shoe fits...

His review over at World Car Fans provides you the prerequisite stats for you to rattle off when you're bench-racing your buddies, and the description of his time behind the wheel gives the best insight yet on what the 1,045 BHP per ton track toy is capable of – and why even though it's road legal, your kidneys will thank you if you avoid trips to the corner store. Read on and enjoy.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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