Enter the rumormill: Nissan 350Z retractable hardtop

Autoblog reader Sei tipped us off to an article over at the GT Channel that purports to have the inside scoop on the development of a prototype retractable hardtop that can be fitted to the 350Z. Autech, an arm of Nissan whose focus is on specialty vehicle conversions, has developed a system that is likely to be equipped on the next Z car – if it's deemed cost effective and can fit within the Z's pricing structure.

If certain rumblings are to be believed, the next Z could debut as early as this year's Tokyo Motor Show in October, likely a refresh rather than an outright redesign. The coupe would be shown in concept form, with sales likely to begin in 2009, and that's when we'd expect this rumor to be confirmed.

[Source: GT Channel]

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