Supersize your patient: Canada gets ambulance suitable for 1,000-lb human

As waistlines expand in Canada, so, apparently, do the country's ambulances. Calgary has unveiled a new heavy-duty model designed to transport obese patients weighing up to 1,000 pounds. Standard ambulances, by comparison, are equipped to handle individuals weighing up to 350 pounds (which is also obese, last we checked, just not as much). The new ambulance will incorporate a lift system that will ease oversized patients into its rear compartment, which also accommodates a wider-than-normal stretcher. According to the AFP report, obese individuals now make up 20% of Canada's population. Calgary, in bringing this first-ever unit of its type for Canada into service, is simply adjusting to the reality of a heftier populace.
[Source: AFP via Breitbart]

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