2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Motorbikes

Although we are primarily a blog about cars, we frequently stray a bit from the all-car formula to cover vehicles that might be interesting to ourselves and hopefully the rest of you. Sometimes we are at events that focus on cars, but other vehicles are invited to play as well, and we tend to like those other vehicles as much as we love our cars. At Goodwood, you can find some of the most amazing cars from throughout history on display and racing up the hill. You can also find helicopters, boats, Quads, jets, and a bunch of other non-car vehicles.

Those, however, are not running up the hill alongside the Goodwood House. But Motorcycles are. Quite a few as a matter of fact, from ancient to sci-fi. From leather belt driven Singers to swing-arm, no-fork Vyrus like the one Tom Cruise allegedly bought recently. The damp track kept most of the cycles from posting any serious times, but that didn't stop the riders from putting on a great show. Burnouts, donuts, whole-straight wheelies, and one rider even used his time on the hill to perform a personal stunt show. Chris Pfeiffer amazed everyone with his bike and body control all weekend. Particularly impressive were his dismounts. Whether off to the side or over the bars, he'd flip off the bike and just manage to get the stand out so the bike stayed standing. And he even landed upright most of the time.
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