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Ferrari to Vatican: We're not a sin!

In the wake of the Vatican's release of its Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road last week, Ferrari's general manager, Amadeo Felisa, told Reuters that he doesn't feel that the products coming out of Maranello are a matter of concern. The topic came up because as part of the Vatican guidelines, drivers are instructed not to use their cars as status symbols designed to make others envious.

Felisa noted that Ferraris could be used in such a manner, but that most of the marque's customers make a purchase because they simply love to drive. He also told Reuters that while he was sure buying a Ferrari isn't a sin, that if it was, well, "you should commit at least one from time to time."

Mr. Felisa should rest assured in the knowledge that when it comes to Ferrari, there's no shortage of aspiring sinners out there. Us included.

[Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News]

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