Ferrari makes commitment to green performance with FXX Millechili concept

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Today Ferrari revealed that it has been forced to face an inconvenient truth, which is that the Italian exotics made in Maranello are no longer immune from environmental concerns. The Prancing Horse revealed today at a press event kicking off its 60th Anniversary celebration in Maranello, Italy, that future Ferraris would be both "leaner and greener" according to Car Magazine, which was on hand. To showcase its intentions, Ferrari unveiled the FXX Millechili Concept. The FXX Millechili looks like a truncated Enzo with much shorter front and rear overhangs, while the car's crowning stat is a curb weight of 1,000 kilograms, or about 2,207 lbs. It measures over ten inches shorter than the Enzo, 93.7 inches compared to the Enzo's length of 104.3 inches.

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[Source: CAR, WR, AutoblogGreen]

Though every outlet on hand, including Winding Road where we got most of these numbers, seems smitten with the FXX Millechili, no one seems able to offer any details on how Ferrari plans to make its cars more environmentally friendly. WR notes that the words "diesel" and "hybrid" were never mentioned, which leads one to believe Ferrari plans to use new techniques, perhaps adapted from F1 racing, to significantly reduce the weight of its vehicles. The other side of the coin we would guess involves improving the efficiency of its engines, though Ferrari noted that it will not allow performance to be sacrificed.

If you're smitten with the FXX Millechili concept, don't get your hopes up. In its current state, the concept is made of cardboard and plastic with a set of 2-D paper wheels. Ferrari mentioned it could accommodate a V8 or V12 engine, though at this point the entire car remains vaporware without any indication given that production is even a possibility.

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