The General Motors assembly plant in Ellesmere Port in England has been on a major energy efficiency kick for the last four years. The plant that assembles Astras has cut the amount of energy they use to build cars by fifty percent.

Even with the increase in production capacity in that time, the total energy use at the plant is down thirty percent in during that time. The plant has been recognized by the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme which is part of the Carbon Trust. The GM press release is after the jump.

[Source: General Motors]
General Motors Pulls the Plug on Wasting Energy
  • Ellesmere Port Astra production plant halves energy consumption since 2003
  • Awarded Energy Efficiency Accreditation by Carbon Trust
While there is increasing pressure to make sure the cars we drive are more economical and easier on the environment, few people pay any attention to the way their cars are built.

Astra buyers can be assured that GM is doing everything possible to minimise the energy used to produce their car. Amazingly, since 2003, the Astra production plant at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire has halved the amount of energy needed to manufacture each vehicle that rolls off the production line. Total site consumption has fallen by a massive 30 percent, even though production volume has actually increased.

This amazing achievement has been recognised by the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (EEAS), the UK's independent benchmark for energy efficiency in industry. The EEAS is owned by the Carbon Trust and independently moderated by the Energy Institute.

In order to receive the accreditation, Ellesmere Port had to maintain and improve energy management, be at the forefront of new energy saving initiatives and above all, encourage their staff and local community to be energy aware.

The Site Utilities Manager, Colin Hawthorne will receive the certification on behalf of Vauxhall Motors, Ellesmere Port at an Awards Ceremony on 19th July 2007.

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