New Mazda6 a go for Frankfurt, sales begin this fall

Current 6 pictured above

Last month we speculated, but now we're pretty sure. Winding Road (via "the Republic of Moldova's premier automobile website",, has learned that the all-new, next-gen Mazda6 will officially debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. European sales should then follow promptly in November. We think the new 6 will be based on the new Ford Mondeo platform, but should still be more of a niche player that emphasizes sporty driving characteristics. The Mazda6 has never sold in the same volumes as the Camry/Accord, but still manages to find buyers who appreciate the Zoom Zoom experience, even in a family vehicle. No news has been issued about which bodystyles will make the jump to the new platform or whether or not a new Mazdaspeed6 will appear based on this next generation. The current Mazda6 lineup includes sedan, hatch, wagon and Mazdaspeed versions. Whichever models carry over, we expect (hope?) some version of Ford's 3.5L Cyclone V6 will be offered in the top models, and a 2.5L four-cylinder in the base 6.

[Source: Carscoop via Winding Road]

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