eBay Find of the Day: "I don't know what it is and I don't care"

This is one cranky eBayer! The item description reads like a manifesto about the seller's annoyances with eBay's communication tools for prospective buyers and sellers. The multicolor text is a particularly nice touch, too; reminds us of "Web 0.5," back in the '90s. We do like how the unvarnished truth makes its way through, though. The message is simple, and the call to action is even better: "Buy it anyway, it does not run but the parts are all there." Excellent. Can't argue with success, though -- the feedback is largely positive.

As for what it is -- we haven't the foggiest. We almost detect a bit of '70s VW Type 2 in the corner lamps, but the rest of what's there doesn't square with that. Even if they are Type 2 lamps, that's not surprising considering the ubiquity of those vehicles and their parts back then. It looks more like some sort of industrial flatbed, for use on the grounds of a large facility. Check out the rims, they're what, 13-inches at best, and probably more like 10s? We're sure one of you sharp-eyed readers will be able to decipher that insignia that looks like a flying A and tell us just what we have here.

Thanks for the tip, GD!

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