UK man selling roadkill as art for 35,000

Adam Morrigan has taken street slaughter off of England's public roads and into the art gallery with some interesting ideas of what art is. Morrigan has made a name for himself by setting up a road kill hotline so he can get tips on the whereabouts of the best dead mammals. Once he picks them up, he skins them, eats the meat (yeah, we know), turns their skin into leather, and then suspends the stretched hide with man-made fibers within a frame. One of Morrigan's artworks, Absolution and Redemption, uses a fox and hare hide to symbolize our alienation with the natural world. Whatever. You don't see humans hanging out in Lion dens, so these little rodents need to adapt away from the thoroughfare. They run from bears, why not a Silverado?
While we can understand that most would find the thought of eating road kill quite nasty, keep in mind that Morrigan calls the taste of squirrel "nutty", which is a better adjective than we can conjure up for most English cuisine. If you have £35,000 burning a hole in your pocket and a "taste" for natural art, or if you just hit a possum, give Morrigan a call.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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