Gibbs Aquada coming to America

Looking a bit like an MX-5 that got tired of land-bound living and returned to the sea, the Gibbs Aquada is nearly the automotive equivalent of a dolphin. It's sleek and fast in the drink, but the little amphibious roadster can still crawl out of the soup and go prowling around on four wheels. Once on dry land, the Aquada's no slouch, either; it's capable of running 100 plus mph.

Popular Mechanics managed to snag a ride in a stateside example and while messing about in boats, PM got some exciting news. No, we still don't know what's in Spam, but the Aquada is coming to the States to be sold with the Federal seal of safety approval. You may need to get a boater's license before you can take to the seas, but Gibbs contends that the Aquada will resist sinking mightily, even if swamped. That's comforting for something with such little freeboard, but don't worry, you'll bob like a cork after your wallet's been lightened at the dealer. The sale price in the US is expected to slot in around $100,000, a veritable fire sale compared to the $200,000 tab across the Atlantic. A good convertible will set you back at least $20,000, and an enjoyable runabout will cost at least as much, plus fuel, docking, and winter storage, to name a few. So $100,000 will likely be cheaper than owning a car and a nice little boat once the final tally is in. We wonder if Gibbs is going to try to circumvent shipping the cars, and just shove them off from the dock with an encouraging "off you go, watch out for rogue waves."

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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