Create your own Top Gear Cool Wall and butt heads with Clarkson

A big part of the fun in watching a Top Gear episode is yelling at the TV to let the lads know how you feel about their ratings. Cars they love might seem lame to you and cars they loathe may be sitting in your driveway. Interactive television may be improving, but we doubt they actually hear our rants rattling the cable lines. Not that our opinions mean anything to them anyhow, but that need to express ourselves can be overwhelming at times.

The producers have heard our pleas in a way and now you can rate the cars Top Gear reviews for yourself. The Top Gear website now features a customizable Cool Wall where you can place vehicles in whichever category you so choose: Seriously Un Cool, Un Cool, Cool or Sub-Zero. It seems every car ever tested (or even mentioned) on the show is available for rating. The vehicles are categorized so you can quickly find your most and least favorite cars and place them in the column you deem most appropriate. But be forewarned, Jeremy is looking over your shoulder, offering unsolicited commentary on your placement. It's a lot of fun, and for those who choose to register, you can even share your rankings with the show. Check it out.

Thanks for the tip, Drew!

[Source: Top Gear]

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