It's no record, but 13 Paganis is still epicly cool

Ferrari's newly-minted record isn't in jeopardy, but we bet the driver of the lone Ferrari was kicking pebbles while hanging out with the dude who brought the SLR. Okay, probably not. Pagani's frontal assault on the supercar world, powered by an AMG V12 must have made for some sweet sounds and beautiful sights as 13 of them rolled from Milan through Como Lake to Monte Carlo for the Third International Pagani Gathering. The three-day tour just wrapped up on June 10th, so some owners are likely still en route home.

We're going to put a Zonda on the Autoblog budget request for next year and see if it'll come through for us. Supercar culture is valuable research, so maybe it'd even be tax deductible, since we'd be using it for work. Some of the most exclusive Italian exotics on the market, Paganis are mesmerizing when there's just one. Thirteen in a row must have been cause to stand and stare for as long as you could, before they disappeared at the horizon's convergence point. The website Swiss Car Sightings has put together a gallery of 100-plus pieces of eye candy, so without further ado, Andiamo!

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