Autoblog hearts AOL Autos

Those of you new to the Autoblog fold might be unaware that this site, along with the entire Weblogs, Inc. network, is owned by AOL and has been since late 2005. Autoblog is very fortunate in that our partner under the corporate umbrella is AOL Autos, which is run by a dedicated team of industry experts and car fanatics, including our counterparts, fellow auto-enthusiasts and editors Chris Ciccone and Khoi Nguyen. We've worked hard towards bringing Autoblog and AOL Autos closer together, and today we're going to go take a new step.

AOL Autos has recently relaunched its new car database for car shoppers. We've been playing with it for a while now and have seen the additional features AOL Autos plans to add in the coming months. We're proud of our colleagues across the aisle and their new site, so much so that we've offered to pledge our support. In future posts, when we mention the make and model of a currently sold vehicle in a post, Autoblog will hyperlink that first mention to the corresponding page in the AOL Autos new car database. We see this as a way to make Autoblog more user-friendly for neophytes and new car shoppers who find their way here from a Google search, while not distracting you, the legions of Autoblog faithful.

Be sure to check out the new car database at, and feel free to offer suggestions for improvement in the comments. They have a lot more features to add in the near future, but are eager to hear your thoughts on what they've done so far.

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