The saga continues: Gumballer Nick Morley guilty, but may be released

Earlier today, we got word from Team Polizei founder Alex Roy that a court in Macedonia found Nick Morely responsible for the deaths of the Cepuljoskis, which resulted after his Porsche Turbo struck the couple during the 2007 Gumball Rally. At this point, however, the court has decided to release Morely on a suspended sentence.
The Team Polizei site has compiled a number of sources, including a timeline of the events, and Mr. Roy has taken the time to voice his own opinions and conjecture. Roy is justifiably skeptical about whether or not the Macedonian court will actually let Morely walk, considering how convoluted the process has been thus far.

Time will tell whether or not the tragic events of the past month will dampen the enthusiasm of rally participants, but we already know that rally organizers are in the process of planning their next event for 2008.


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