San Sebastian's (Spain) City Hall has announced that the local police will replace four of their patrol cars with hybrid vehicles. The only requirement for the cars is to have at least 110HP available, regardless of acceleration (before you question how will they be able to catch the bad guys, the police also have powerful motorbikes).

It's yet to be decided which model, although only the Honda Civic and Toyota Prius are available in the Spanish market. The Council wants to continue an eco-friendly policy which has already pushed all buses in the city to run on biodiesel. The plans also include renewing the rest of the fleet with environment-friendly vehicles.

Similar plans have been announced by other Spanish institutions, like the Junta de AndalucĂ­am where only hybrids are to be purchased from 2010, or Barcelona, where electrical vehicles are used for cleaning in the old city center.

[Source: San Sebastian City Hall via Econoticias]

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