35 mpg Mercedes S Class hybrid with 2.2L twin-turbo Bluetec 4 cylinder making 204 hp

By now, we have all come to realize that not all hybrids are created equal. Some hybrid drivetrains are designed to maximize fuel mileage, while some cater to the performance crowd. Hybrids are available or are being designed for everything from basic transportation to Sport Utility Vehicles and Luxury cars and even sports cars. So, I was not all that surprised to read that Mercedes has plans for a hybrid version of their range-topper, the S Class sedan. But, I found it a bit odd that the car was to use a small 2.2 liter four-cylinder engine. Now, this engine is a twin turbo Bluetec diesel, but still, the idea of a four cylinder extra large, extra heavy luxury sedan must be met with some surprise, right? Anyway, the drivetrain is apparently capable of hitting 35 miles per gallon, which is very good for a vehicle this size, and it should be capable of even better figures in the smaller E Class and C Class vehicles that will inherit the engine later as well. No word yet on whether these vehicles will make it over to the U.S. or what they will cost.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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