eBay Find of the Day: Viper powered 1962 Jeep CJ-7

If ever there was a vehicle that wasn't screaming for 500 HP Viper engine, it's a jacked up Jeep CJ-7. Nevertheless someone has used a 1962 CJ-7 as a starting point and replaced the body panels with new ones crafted from aluminum. The suspension has been completely revamped, presumably in part to handle the immense torque output of a V-10 crate motor.

Fortunately, this Jeep has a full roll cage, which seems like a necessity if anyone ever decided to use all the power of the Viper engine. It would be shame to see that $12,000 paint job ruined by anyone doing anything as silly as flooring the gas in this off-roader, or, for that matter, taking it off road.

[Source: eBay via the ChryslerWeblog]

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