VIDEO: Never trust a Trojan Corsa

You don't have to be a fan of Greek literature to know the story of the Trojan horse and the sack of Troy; it's the Greek equivalent of Shakespeare's "To be or not to be" or Dave Thomas' "Where's the beef."

Some nifty flash animators did a fantastic job of recreating the buildup to Troy's demise, but instead of a wooden horse, a Corsa 3-door hatch was used to stow a few dozen soldiers in waiting (people were smaller in B.C. times). There is actually a bit of crude animation violence, which shouldn't offend anyone, but, well, we should warn you anyway. The animation was good enough to win the "Notodofilm Fest 2006" contest, and at just under two minutes in length, it's extremely entertaining. Major props on the music and sound effects, which is more Hollywood than YouTube Flash animation. Hit the jump to check it out, it really is a terrific effort.

Thanks for the tip, Freshome!

[Source: YouTube]

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