Toyota is arriving late flex-fuel craze of vehicles in Brazil, a country known not only for their excellent soccer players but also for their widespread use of ethanol (called álcool) to power vehicles.

This week, Toyota announced that two models, the Corolla XLi and the Fielder, will be available from January 2008 with a 1.8 liter engine good for 136HP mated either to a manual or an automatic box.

In order to make these cars ready to be fueled with ethanol, Toyota approached a conservative point of view, not changing the way to make the engine works. Only the necessary materials to avoid ethanol corrosion, the ECU reprogramming and individual injectors were changed from the gas engine. The car also includes an auxiliary gas tanks placed in the trunk.

The two cars will be manufactured at Toyota's facilities near Indaiutuba, near São Paulo. The prices will start at R$ 58,526,00 (about 30,000 USD).

[Source: Toyota do Brasil]

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