Porsche 914/G: Now that's a hot car

Doug Burris of St. Louis has built what simply has to be the hottest Porsche 914 around. Literally. The blue 1975 model won't ever run on its own power again, but its remaining days will ensure that every time it's fired up (again, literally), it'll provide sustenance to all who gather around it.
That's because Doug's ride is now one of the baddest BBQ rigs you'll find anywhere. We've decided to call it the 914/G (as in "grill"). Pop the front lid and you'll find a firebox used to feed the smoker residing in the former passenger compartment. Open the engine cover, and a full grilling station awaits. Delicious. This is one trailer queen that we'd be happy to see rolling into our driveways on holiday weekends like this. A word of warning, however: excessive operation could result in heightened blood cholesterol numbers and an expanded waistline. Now pass us another burger. And some ribs, too.

Click the photo to see the full image and four more in the slideshow at Yahoo!

Thanks for the tip, Jaymez!

[Source: Yahoo! News Photos]

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