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In our minds, the number 308, as it pertains to cars, is inextricably tied to Ferrari, and by extension, one Thomas Magnum, whose 308 GTS was one of the cooler TV rides of the 80s. Unfortunately, the number will soon be associated with Peugeot's "gaping maw" front end treatment on the new 308 hatch. Regardless of how anyone feels about Pug's corporate schnoz, it's, distinctive, and naturally, it adorns the automaker's newest 5-door. The photos here leaked earlier in the week, and there's no official release to accompany them yet (that will come on June 5, according to WorldCarFans).

The prevailing wisdom, however, is that is that the 308 will launch with the BMW-PSA 120-horsepower 1.6L four cylinder (also used in the Mk2 MINI Cooper). A range of diesels will also be available, and as previously reported, PSA's diesel-electric Hybride HDi system is also going to be in the mix. That powertrain should be good for something in the neighborhood of 69 mpg in the combined-cycle, which is obviously fantastic. Finally, an E85-capable engine will also be offered.

A wagon and coupe+convertible will join the hatchback later on, and a spunky, turbocharged 308 RC is expected sometime in the future. All these new 308s may well be fine cars, but we'd still rather have the kind with that horse on the hood...

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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