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Sublime Smash 'n Grab

Smash-and-grab robberies usually involve thugs breaking a car window, grabbing some desirable object left in plain sight (such as a purse or an iPod), and making tracks. A team of thieves in Shippensburg, PA, however, has clearly outgrown that JV stuff and moved up to the Varsity level by applying the tried-and-true smash-and-grab techniques to Naugle Motors, a local Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep dealer.

That's where they apparently broke into an '08 Jeep Patriot, got it started, and then drove it through the showroom door to get what they really wanted: the Sublime Green Charger Daytona sitting on the floor. (They couldn't have smashed a Compass instead? What gives?) Once in the Dodge, the perpetrators got the hell outta Dodge, so to speak. (BaDumBum -Ed.) Authorities have not recovered the car, but if it isn't in pieces or on some container ship headed overseas, we have a hunch that it'll get found.

After all, a Daytona with the Sublime finish is basically visible from outer space. If it's local, someone's gonna see it.

[Source: The Sentinel]

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