Max Mosely and the FIA are looking at some radically different and more restrictive rules for the future of Formula One racing. For the past couple of years, they've talked about trying to make the cars more eco-friendly and relevant to real world cars. The latest proposals are an interesting step in that direction.

For 2011 and beyond, Mosely wants the cars powered by turbocharged 2.2L V-6 engines running on biofuel. When F1 cars first ran turbos in the 1980s, there was initially a period where they ran unlimited boost and rpm and teams were building special qualifying engines that put out over 1,000hp from 1.5L! This time, it's likely to be a little different, with a 10,000 rpm rev limit, a standardized ECU, and stricter restrictions on the fuel content.

So far, there's no indication of what type of biofuel would be used, though given the current success of Audi and Peugeot with their LeMans prototypes, biodiesel seems a likely candidate. The big question is, can you imagine a diesel Ferrari running around Monaco or Monza?

[Source F1-Live]

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