What if... the Vector W8 returned?

What if, indeed. Many may remember Vector as the American company that attempted to build a world-class supercar but couldn't quite get its act together. The W8 was its final product that actually entered production, though only 22 were ever produced. With a twin-turbo V8 that produced 625 horsepower and a body that only an F117-A Nighthawk could love, the W8 could back up its bark with a mean bite. In fact, a W8 once reached 242 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats with a smaller engine and a very unaerodynamic rear wing. That's right up there with the best terminal velocities of today's crop of supercars.

So what if the W8 returned? Well, Dieselstation reader Stefan Shulze answers that question with a series of high-resolution renderings (click the Read link to view them all). The images show an updated W8 that maintains its Vector styling cues, but appears smaller, almost the size of a Lamborghini Gallardo. While the renderings are just fun, there have been rurmors circulating for what seems like forever that Vector founder Gerald Wiegert is building another car.

UPDATE: Turns out reviving the W8 is a common way to spend one's time, as we found this previous post that shows another attempt at bringing the W8's style into the 21st century.

[Source: Dieselstation]

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