The Commute Helper gets you into carpool lane for $10

I have a brother who spends a good 50% of his time daydreaming about how to make money with inventions no one has thought of yet. Despite my protest that all the good stuff's been invented already, he continues to concoct imaginary money makers. I need to introduce my brother to this guy from San Francisco, who earns $100 to $300 a day from his invention.

This highly lucrative produce is his own ass, which he rents out to San Fran commuters who are willing to pay him to get a pass to drive in the car pool lane. The idea came to him when he was stuck in traffic one day watching people zip by in the far left lane. He decided to rent himself out for $10 to $20 a trip so that other people who didn't want to sit in traffic for two hours could bypass jams in the fast moving car pool lane.

The first time he walked out on to the freeway entrance with a sign that read, "Traffic is bad. Spend 2 hours or pay me $10 and get there in 20 minutes." It worked, and afterward he left his first paying customer, walked to the other side of the freeway, and caught a paying gig back to where he started. With business in full swing, he reportedly makes 2 to 3 roundtrips during the morning commute and 3 to 5 round trips during the evening rush, and if there's an accident that slows traffic even further, he may double his price. Genius, pure genius.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Personal Finance Advice]

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