GM shutterbugs give us new shots of Camaro, Beat concepts

Updated gallery links: Camaro Convertible, Chevy Beat

GM knows that we all like to look at car porn photos, and we have to give El General some credit: he knows how to keep his stuff in front of the public. It's as simple as sending one or two buzzworthy concepts to sweet locations accompanied by people armed with cameras, tripods and the like. Those folks take spiffy new glamour shots of the rides and post them on the corporate media site. Then we notice them up there, download them, and stick 'em up in a gallery for your consumption. Or, in this case, Jalopnik does. Then we see them on Jalopnik's RSS feed, say "Oh, cool" to no one in particular, go grab the pics from GM, and post them -- just like you see here. Phew.

Welcome to weekend blogging, made that much easier thanks to the Camaro Convertible and Chevy Beat.

[Source: GM]
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