GM loans Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn pair of Hummer H2s for a year

Brady Quinn, former quarterback for the Notred Dame Fighting Irish and recently the 22nd pick in this year's NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns (Go Browns!), will be receiving a one-year loan of two HUMMER H2 SUVs from General Motors. GM put out a press release today that didn't provide many details as to why Quinn is being given the SUVs, but HUMMER was the sponsor of the 2007 NFL Draft, so perhaps it's a consolation prize for his infamous slide on draft day. No word was offered on whether Quinn will get the 2007 or 2008 models with their updated interiors. Quinn will take possession of his loaner vehicles this Monday, May 14th, at the Central HUMMER East dealership in Beachwood, Ohio. That's a stone's throw away from where this blogger lives, so maybe I'll show up and see if Brady wants to toss the pigskin around.

[Source: GM]

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