Another great One Lap blog to watch

Between our periodic bouts of rage and disappointment for not making it to this year's One Lap, we've been able to keep tabs on the event by checking in with our friends at Winding Road and also with the power-obsessed folks at GSC Motorsports. They've been making consistent posts on their blog, while campaigning a 580 WHP Mk. IV Supra in the event.

Most of the posts are your typical sleep-deprived, stream of consciousness blatherings that provide an authentic insight into the stages, the travel, the antics and the competitors that make up this great event. What's even better, their Supra has been consistently running with some of the heavy hitters of past events, including the Davias 996 Turbo, the Hennessy Viper and an assortment of other high-powered, high-maintenance iron.

In addition to their progress, the site also gives readers a glimpse into what technical hurdles await competitors, be it removing the sway bars and softening the shocks to make things stick on the skid pad, or watching a competing team's engine eat itself mid-stage. It's entertaining and educational. Plus, they've got pretty pictures too.

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