BlueTuning: Bluetooth removes the clutter for engine tuners

Our minds are cluttered enough, so we try to keep the inside of our cars debris free. Unfortunately, that hasn't been possible during the tuning process of our new project car. Between the handheld control module, our cheap, serial-equipped laptop, the yet-to-be-mounted standalone ECU and the wire connected to our wide-band 02 sensor, the interior of our project is beginning to look like the rats nest behind our desk.

Innovate Motorsports seems to have the answer, with a new line of Bluetooth adapters, co-developed by BradaTech, that allows the entire Innovate line of wares to be connected wirelessly.

The suite of products can transfer information to laptops or Pocket PCs and have a range of up to 100 feet, expanding the possibilities of what we can do both inside and outside our ride. Now if we can just get that damn idle issue fixed, our world would be complete. Well, that and when our coilover setup arrives...

[Source: Innovate Motorsports via Jalopnik]

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