The last time that Chrysler was on the brink around the turn of the century, Dieter Zetsche and Wolfgang Bernhard came over from Germany to try and right the ship and seemed to have succeeded at least for a time. Then Bernhard was recalled to the mother ship in Stuttgart where he ruffled former CEO Jurgen Schrempp's feathers a bit too much. He subsequently went to Volkswagen where he appeared to be trying to dismantle Ferdinand Piech's legacy and was dismissed again.

He is now back at the site of his greatest success in Auburn Hills, this time leading the bid by Cerberus Capital Management to buy Chrysler from Daimler. Bernhard has visited Chrysler headquarters at least twice in the past week and his involvement seems to be giving Cerberus' bid some extra credibility. If the private equity fund does end up winning, it seems likely that Bernhard might end up back at the helm of Chrysler. If that does happen, the big question is... will he green light the Tomahawk?

[Source: Detroit News]

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