Toyota's F1-san calls it quits

Any way you look at it, Toyota's foray into Formula 1 has not yielded positive results. Despite throwing unprecedented amounts of money at the effort, their F1 team has not produced the kind of results to which the automotive giant has become accustomed. So they've apparently decided that it was time for a change in management.

Tsutomu Tomita, who saw the program through from conception to fruition, will be yielding to corporate vice-chairman Tadashi Yamashina at the end of June. Toyota has yet to announce what role Tomita will assume upon his return to corporate headquarters, but you can bet it won't be as exciting as the fast-paced world of F1 racing.

Toyota is spinning the shift as an ordinary shuffle in management, but when their F1 team has been rumored to benefit from the largest budget on the grid and has still yet to win a single race, it becomes clear that Toyota is hoping a new boss at their racing headquarters in Cologne will change their fortunes.

[Source: TSN]

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