Ricci goes racing

The movie magnates of Hollywood may actually be bringing something to the silver screen that has the distinct possibility of not sucking away our lives and our hard earned cash. Brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski of Matrix and V for Vendetta fame are taking on a series that serves as one of our first motoring memories. That's right kiddies, a live action version of Speed Racer.
Warner Bros and Village Roadshow have enlisted the acting talents of John Goodman and Susan Sarandon as Speed's parents, while the oh-so-delectable Christina Ricci will be playing his devoted love interest, Trixie. And she can drive too.

The iconic anime, originally created by Tatsuo Yoshida, will be recreated in typical Wachowski style, including Speed's whip: the Mach 5. We can't wait until it hits theaters May 9th, next year.

[Source: The Film Asylum]

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