Ecotality begins hydrogen fuel-cell ECObus tour of Arizona

Ecotality, who bill themselves as a researcher, inventor, developer, acquirer, and licensor of proprietary green energy technologies, has partnered up with the Arizona Public Services (APS) to produce the ECObus, a mobile classroom for promoting hydrogen technologies. The 31-seat, zero-emissions vehicle is designed to educate the public about the benefits of hydrogen as a renewable alternative to petroleum fuels.

The ECObus is itself a hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle which runs on a hybrid system of three HyPM 65 Fuel-Cell power modules producing 180 kW / 241 hp combined with 720 volts of ultracapacitors to achieve the peak power requirements of 350 kW / 469 hp. Top speed is 55 mph / 90 km/h and range is 4 hours at full power via its hydrogen fuel storage capacity of 45 kg.

Analysis: The term "hydrogen economy" is starting to filter into the mainstream but many people are still unaware of how the entire system works from start to end. Education campaigns are sure to improve adoption rates of such new technologies as people become aware of how much cleaner and more environmentally friendly hydrogen is compared to petroleum fuels.

[Source: Ecotality via H2 Daily]

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