Another take on General Motors "Green" communications efforts

Back in January at the Detroit Auto Show I spoke to Bill Betts of General Motors about their efforts to reach out to bloggers to help communicate more directly with people who are focused on particular areas. They've been inviting bloggers who are not necessarily focused on cars to meet directly with General Motors executives and managers to ask their own questions about what General Motors has been working on and where they're going.
Many of those same bloggers have also been particularly harsh critics of GM and their past decisions, particularly with regard to a certain two-seat battery powered car. Last month I participated in a session with GM vice-president Larry Burns to talk about batteries along with Jeff Mcintire-Strasburg and other writers that you can hear on ABG Podcast #2. One of Jeff's colleagues at the GreenOptions blog, Michael dEstries attended the New York Auto Show this week and gives his feedback in his most recent post. Michael's focus isn't automotive like my own so he comes at it from a different perspective. Make up your own mind, have we all drunk the Kool-aid or is there really something there? We won't know for sure for a while yet until some of these vehicles get on the street, but I'm inclined toward the latter myself.

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