Nissan recalls over 1 million for fuel tank fix

Narrowly missing setting a new reocrd for the largest recall in the company's history, Nissan is recalling 1.01 MIL March (aka Micra) and Cube models. That figure is just 20,000 vehicles shy of the 1.03 MIL car recall they issued in 2003. The current recall is to fix faulty fuel tanks that may leak or crack. According to the just-auto report, UK-built Nissan Micras are not effected, only Japanese built samples.

Nissan joins Honda in announcing a million-plus-vehicle recall in just the past month. The staggering volume of the recalls is due to the fact that many manufacturers are sharing as many components across their lineup as possible to reduce costs through economies of scale. Unfortunately, that means when there is an issue with one of those parts, a whole lot of them need to be fixed. While only 59 complaints have been filed, they were enough to warrant the recall. The cars involved were built between 1991 and 2000, and only about 600,000 are still believed to be on the road. The bulk of those are in Japan, but some are still in use in Singapore and Brunei, according to a Nissan spokesperson.

[Source: just-auto]

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