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Exciting Car-Life City! Autobacs coming to the U.S.

For the six of you that follow Japan's Super GT race series, Autobacs is a familiar name. For the rest of you, it's the Japanese equivalent of Kragen or Pepboys, but with stuff you'd actually want to put on your car.

It seems that Strauss Discount Auto just filed Chapter 11, and Autobacs USA has snatched up its distribution center and the 91 stores that pepper the East Coast. The plan is to launch a new chain, consolidate the companies under the name Autobacs Strauss and begin to make headway into the aftermarket industry here in the States.

Since Autobacs stocks pretty much everything under the automotive sun, most of which is pretty high quality kit, we're a bit excited at the prospects. Especially since the last part we ordered from the Land of the Rising Sun cost less than the shipping charges.

[Source: GTChannel]

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