Why the world rips on us: Dimora's JX Coupe Concept

From the fertile mind that brought you such varied hits as the Clenet and premixed coolant, we present to you the Dimora JX Coupe. Done up the old-world way -- with real metal and skill -- and the results for all that effort are decidedly weird. They can call it a coupe all they want, but its certainly more El Camino than sleek GT. The JX moniker is a little strange too, as the Chrysler Concorde that this car began life as was an LH model. The JX is the designation for the Sebring convertible from '96-00.

No matter, this metallic tangerine wonder has had old school bodywork techniques applied to make it a landaulet-looking contraption. The car was built as a movie car, though Dimora is cagey about where we might ultimately see the JX's film debut. The write up at the Dimora website is filled with hyperbolic nuggets. Our favorite gem is this one, regarding the fitting of a 3.2-liter V6: "We replaced the stock engine with a 260 HP 3.2 liter V6 from ATK, which is backed by a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. We added a "Tornado" vortex component to the air intake. MPG was increased 10% and horsepower grew by 10%. We have not had a dyno test on the engine..." Uhh, what?! We're not sure how you can measure a 10% horsepower increase (from an intake restriction, no less) without, you know, measuring it. Ah well, at least the rest of the world continues to have vehicular reasons to ridicule us.

[Source: Dimora via Jalopnik]

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