Volkswagen Golf RS (or RSi?) appears at corporate event

Thunder Bunny SEMA ConceptWhat's an RS? Well, appearances would possibly indicate that it's going to be the production version of the Thunder Bunny Concept (right) from last year's SEMA show. The nameplate mounted to the front bumper identifies the hatch as the Golf RS, or possibly RSi -- the photo resolution's too low to tell.

A quick look at the attached Thunder Bunny gallery shows that the bodywork is one and the same, and the RS/RSi car looks prepped for business with its lowered suspension, racing-style seats (which are far more purposeful than the Thunder Bunny's), and 10-spoke Passat R36 wheels shod in meaty rubber. If the gear underhood displaces 3.6 liters, we could be looking at a Golf R36. Any way you cut it, the car's pretty boss, and our interest is piqued.

[Source: via the WCF Blog]

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