Lorinser takes on the new Merc C-class

The C-class is the entry-level Benz in the North American market. As such, every nouveau riche new graduate seemingly goes out and treats themselves to a slice of flashy bourgeois pie. That can be alarming for the Euro-car fan, as you risk being lumped into that precocious category along with Johnny Overachiever from down the block. There's no denying that the Stuttgart Swabians build nice vehicles, and we've certainly considered parking one in our driveway. We wouldn't want to deny ourselves the pleasure just to avoid being lumped in with a group of lecherous climbers, either. Lorinser has given the C-class a once-over and made it possible for true car-guys to have their Mercedes pleasure while standing apart from the schmuck brigade.

We love the look of the cosmetic upgrades. The turbine-style wheels look like impellers from a turbocharger with a wacky pituitary gland, and we wonder if they can slice, dice and julienne at speed. We're not normally fans of unnecessary extra ventilation, but the revised front quarter panels have gained a nice pair of extractors. We do find the "gills" in the lower rocker covers sorta strange, and they don't appear to have any purpose other than serving as a visual element. The front airdam has also received some tasteful attention, and Lorinser offers performance upgrades to back up the high-powered looks. Unlike some of the entry-level MBZ crowd, we'd rather the car be the high-powered one in a zoot suit.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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